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4x faster and more accurate prints

With Apolo PRO you will achieve an extreme level of detail and greater speed thanks to its 2K MONOCHROMATIC LCD screen.

You will not stop printing. With a high level of production and a low level of maintenance, Apolo PRO is the ideal work team for those users who need a 3D printer and do not have to worry.

INCLUDES FREE COURSE: Introduction to 3D printing in DLP by Hellbot Academy


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4x faster and more accurate prints


Reduces the curing times of the layers


1-4 seconds per layer, unlike conventional RGB displays which print in 5-10 seconds per layer.


Long shelf life


Up to 400%, providing thousands of hours of printing, while conventional RGB screens start to deteriorate at around 500 hours.




APOLO PRO absorbs the toxic vapors generated by the UV curing process. This allows greater freedom of choice in the place of installation, being able to operate in closed and/or unventilated places.

Its competitors, on the other hand, expel toxic gases without prior filtering into the environment, their installation in ventilated places being excluded.


Featured Features


All resins are compatible: Due to its open ecosystem, APOLO PRO processes all types of 405nm resins from any manufacturer. 

Easy leveling process: in just two steps you are ready to print.

Totally intuitive: color touch screen, extremely user-friendly interface.

High Resolution Prints: 2K monochrome LCD screen 1620 x 2560 pixels in size. With a print area of ​​130 x 82 mm and XY resolution of 51 microns.

Integrated UV light source: Provides light energy transmission that can reach 8000uw/cm²

Color touch screen: access to the controls of the printer in a totally intuitive way.

Z axis with linear axis: robust structure guaranteeing better impressions.

Large print size: 130*80*160mm print volume.



Apolo PRO is the perfect tool for dentists, prosthetists, designers, doctors and other professionals who want to innovate in their work processes.

Training Centers, Specialized Courses, Referents and Regulatory Entities of Argentina in the field of digital dentistry are part of the Apolo Tester Team:

CREO Foundation

Argentine Federation of Dental Prosthetists of F.A.P.D.L Laboratories

LabNeo Training Center 

Dental CAM 


Argentine Dental Circle

Technical sheet

Technology / DLP

Print Volume / 130mm (Width) X 82mm (Depth) X 160mm (Height)

Printing Speed / 1 - 4 Seconds / Layer

Layer Height / 35- 50 Microns

Carbon filter / Yes


Data sheet

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