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Magna 2 is a 3D printer that is designed to make your work easier, you can operate it through its 3.5-inch color touch screen or remotely via WiFi from your computer.

Its 2-in-1 double extruder with cold change allows you to use a variety of materials and colors that will allow you to optimize your printing, achieving incredible results. Soluble and two-color printing is possible!

INCLUDES FREE COURSE: "Introduction to 3D printing in FDM" by Hellbot Academy


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Long hours of non-stop production or small serial productions are possible for Magna 2 as it is designed with the highest quality components on the market.

32 BIT OPEN SOURCE MOTHERBOARD: Makerbase MKS Robin Nano V1.2 electronics.

3.5-INCH COLOR TOUCH SCREEN: Easy and intuitive use.

FLEXIBLE MAGNETIC BED: allows easy removal of parts without the need to use other elements.

DUAL DRIVE EXTRUDER: of the latest generation, its design offers resistance, precision and power.

SILENT PRINTING: its TMC 2209 drivers suppress engine noise and generate less wear on its components.

MARLIN 2.0 OPEN SOURCE: Open source firmware that offers exceptional print quality while maintaining full control of the process.

INTEGRATED WIFI: remote monitoring of printing and sending files without the use of cables.

HOT-END 2 IN 1: allows you to print pieces with 2 colors and combined materials.

Optional single extruder.

POWER OUTAGE RECOVERY: Saves you time and money by being able to recover printing after a power outage.

FILAMENT SENSOR: it has two filament sensors that allow detecting when it runs out.

INCLUDES FREE COURSE: "Introduction to 3D printing in FDM"

With the purchase of a Hellbot printer you gain FREE access to the Hellbot Academy's "Introduction to 3D Printing in FDM" course.

Hellbot Academy is a virtual space where users can learn or expand their knowledge about 3D printing through the different courses offered by the platform.

In this virtual space, users will be able to learn or expand their knowledge of 3D printing through the different courses offered by the platform.

Why choose Academy?

✅ 100% online classes adapted to the comfort and experience of users

✅ Learn at your own pace and without limits

✅ Theoretical and practical content

✅ Latest 3D printing technology

Technical sheet

Technology / FDM

Print Volume / 230mm (Width) X 230mm (Depth) X 250mm (Height)

Printing Speed / 80mm/S Max. Recommended 50mm/S.

Layer Height / 100 – 400 Microns

Precision / +- 0.1mm

Extruder / Bowden, DualDrive. Double Or Single Optional

Material Diameter / 1.75mm (0.069in)

Quantity of extruders / two

Bed / Metallic, Magnetic, Flexible Heated Bed With Adherent Sticker

Bed Leveling / Manual, 5 Point Assist

Power Outage Recovery / Yes

Dimensions / 50 Cm (Width) X 50 Cm (Height) X 57 Cm (Depth)

Supported Files / .Stl, .Obj, .Dxf, .3mf

Entry / 110/220v 50/60hz

Departure / 24v 14.6A

Maximum Consumption / 360W

Average consumption / 150W

Software / Open Source (Cura, Simplyfu, Repetier)

Supported Media / PLA, ABS, Flex, Wood, Nylon, etc.

Connectivity / Micro SD card, USB cable, Wi-Fi

Languages / Multilingual

Applications / Industrial Design, Architecture, Industries, Medicine, Robotics, Hobbit


Data sheet

Volumen de impresión
230mm (ancho) x 230mm (profundidad) x 250mm (alto)
Velocidad de impresión
80mm/s máximo. Recomendado 50mm/s.
Altura de capa
100 – 400 micrones
+- 0,1 mm
Bowden, dual drive. Doble o simple opcional
Diámetro del material
1.75 mm (0.069 in)
Cantidad de extrusores
Cama caliente metálica, magnética, flexible con sticker adherente
Nivelación de cama
manual, asistida de 5 puntos
Recuperación por corte de energía
50 cm (ancho) x 50 cm (alto) x 57 cm (profundidad)
Archivos soportados
.stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf
110/220v 50/60Hz
24v 14.6 A
Consumo máximo
Consumo promedio
Open Source (Cura, Simplyfu, Repetier)
Material soportado
PLA, ABS, Flex, Wood, Nylon, etc
Tarjeta Micro SD, Cable USB, WiFi
Español, Ingles, Frances, Italiano
Diseño industrial, arquitectura, industrias, medicina, robótica, hobbita
Temperatura máxima de impresión (extrusora)
Temperatura de cama caliente